• Madani Sahari

Auto Sector Offers Fulfilling Career Paths

The old adage that “Success is a journey, not a destination”, is an important principle when charting our career paths.

Many define success as a function of two factors – income and happiness. It is due to these factors that society has developed “standard” routes to success, seen in the pursuit of higher academic qualification, management positions or even breaking into the entrepreneurial ventures.

These are perfectly valid ways of achieving success. However, it is also important that as a society, we should not label “routes to failure”. Many advanced nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, report that less than half of their populations attain bachelor’s degrees. Despite this, the standard of living of their general population is considered comfortable, as many have found success through other routes.

It is therefore important that as individuals, we define our goals for success in life. A goal oriented mindset allows us to capitalise on our passions and strengths to achieve a life experience which is fruitful at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The only question remaining is how do we achieve our life goals?

Malaysia has one of the most accessible higher learning in the world. The education ecosystem does not only consist of universities that offer academic qualifications, but also numerous training centres and institutes that provide opportunities for the populace to develop their hands-on skills – an important component of the Malaysian economy.

Even in the unfortunate circumstances of inaccessibility, it is not the end of the world. There are many success stories of those who rose from the ground level, and developed themselves to become leaders within the automotive industry.

The automotive sector relies on a multi-disciplined workforce, with opportunities available throughout entire supply chain. It is an industry with unique and diverse challenges, and many who have spent their lives in the industry will attest that it is a fulfilling career that allows anyone to chart their path to success.

Whether it is the designer that drafts component specifications, or the operator that bolts the doors to the car body, a day in the automotive sector is never short of drama - facing numerous daily problems and challenges.

Each success story is an important piece of the massive jigsaw puzzle that makes up the automotive industry.

More significant, is the internal satisfaction when, as an individual or as a team, those problems have been solved. It is exactly this bravery, grit, passion and hunger for learning that pushes people towards success.

Whether you are a graduate, skilled technician, school leaver, executive or even a manager – opportunities for personal development and eventual success are everywhere, if you have the traits of a successful person. There are countless literatures written on the success that are due to perseverance, productivity, reading, life balance, health consciousness, etc.

Most importantly, is to always measure success by its value to oneself. This value is not necessarily a monetary equivalent, but should make you feel proud and happy that today was better than yesterday, not just for you, but for those dear to you.

“At first they will ask why you are doing it, later they will ask how you did it”

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