• Madani Sahari

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR EDUCATION - Industry opportunities must be met with passion by everyone

As the agency tasked with enhancing the Malaysia Automotive Industry, one of the major challenges, we have to address constantly has been the issue of awareness of industry opportunities.

The ecosystem that makes up the industry is vast, with a wide subject matters and an array of specialisations, which requires mastery of technical, non-technical and creative disciplines.

It is not just engines, nuts and bolts – it is both an art and science that finds emotional attachment to both business and consumer alike.

Firstly, many equate the automotive industry with our national carmakers. While they are undoubtedly movers of the industry, there are hundreds of firms that supply components to not just our national brands, but the 27 other vehicle assemblers that operate within our borders.

There are thousands of dealers, distributors and service centres that sell these cars and keep them in good working order.

Secondly, automotive jobs are not just for those that work on the production line. The industry comprises design and process engineers, quality managers, repair & servicemen, salesmen, sketch artists, fabric weavers, tool makers, bankers and insurance agents, just to name a few.

Name your interest, there is a career in the automotive industry that is relevant to you!

As we speak, we are continuously striving to maximise access to quality education and skills certification. Since the National Automotive Policy 2014 was announced, MAI has worked with the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and other  industry stakeholders to develop competency standards in both manufacturing and after sales sectors, through the publishing of 27 National Occupational Skills Standards to date.

We have also certified around 1,300 trainees with the Malaysian Skill Certificate as at December last year. This certification opens up greater opportunities for those who prefer the skills route to success.

With that in mind, my experience has taught me that skills and knowledge opportunities are everywhere. The important question is simple – does the passion exist to make the best of these opportunities?

I believe that there is a need for whole-hearted participation from all industry players to put country on the road towards automotive success.

We must realise, and implant this in the generations to come that there must be a paradigm shift in our mindsets that the pursuit of education, be it academic, skills or self-learned is a life-long endeavour.

This mindset should be towards the end goal of a successful career, and not just to land a well paying job. While more opportunity is created, I’d like to call for more interest and passion in the work we do.

It all starts with knowing who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly developing pride in what we have, and want to achieve.

Find out what they are passionate about. Find out what they love doing. Then, match their passion to the right opportunities that will turn their potential into tangible contributions to our nation.

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