• Madani Sahari

Chances to test-drive cars at Malaysia Autoshow

The 2019 edition of the Malaysia Autoshow starts today and once again is being hosted at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) until Sunday.

The Malaysia Autoshow 2019 will continue to spur growth of the culture of energy efficiency through various programmes and activities.

This year, the government is aiming to attract 350,000 visitors, creating awareness of the vehicle technologies, especially in fuel efficiency, safety and security.

Most of all, the event will serve as a testament to the increase in choices available for consumers, signifying the government's commitment to bringing mobility technology experiences to the public at large, as Malaysia moves towards becoming a globally competitive overall mobility nation.

Over the years, the autoshow has kept its tradition of creating public awareness by allowing visitors to experience first-hand the technology available.

While the access to the latest technology developments can come with a premium for many, it is important to create awareness and demand for such technology.

For this reason, the autoshow provides visitors the opportunity to test-drive vehicles at its unique 3km test track located within the grounds of MAEPS.

The logic is simple - the more cars visitors tries out, the more the public are aware of what is available in the market and more demand can be created.

It is this same demand for continuous improvement that has led to the many safety advances we have seen over the last half decade.

Technologies and features such as Advanced Safety Assistance and ISOFIX brackets - previously available only in premium models or high-spec variants - are now available in entry-level models.

More importantly, they are designed and produced by local brands and engineers that pour their heart and soul into ensuring roads travels are safe for everyone.

Thus, it is only right for the government to showcase the faces that have delved into automotive technology, not only for themselves, but towards improvement of our mobile livelihood and the Malaysian economy.

This showcase will be located at the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) Mobility Hall (Hall D).

More than 25 exhibit areas comprising more than 100 automotive industry players, engineering services providers, institutions of higher learning and government agencies will showcase their technologies, processes and workflows, which include those in-line with Industry 4.0.

This year the hall will feature a mobility township – immersing visitors in emerging technology in the mobility sector - as well as elements of the future.

The MARii Mobility Hall will also host the MARii Activity Arena, with numerous experiential activities for the entire family, including robotics and coding classes, STEM (Sciente, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) playgrounds, skills demonstrations and e-sports competitions.

While the Arena is expected to brim with excitement from the activities, the most important aspect is the access for our youthful minds to begin their journey in advanced Robotics and Internet of Things.

Overall, I hope the additions to the autoshow this year will further elevate the awareness among the consumers of the latest developments within the automotive industry and the emerging mobility sector.

The experiential approach of Malaysia Autoshow 2019 continue to be enhanced and improved in the future, so that more access and opportunities can reach the Malaysians.

I highly recommend that everyone attend the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 this weekend. It is designed for the public - a fun-filled day for the entire family!

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