• Madani Sahari

MALAYSIA AUTOSHOW 2018 – Time to re-imagine country’s technological future

In January, this column spoke about global trends on the redefinition of mobility – and that redefinition will come sooner than expected.

Last week, we discussed the blue ocean strategy created from this redefinition, and that such trends will force the remodelling of businessses and human capital, creating new opportunities while possibly rendering some jobs and businesses obsolete. The opportunities moment to dive into this new blue ocean strategy is now, while the water still has few swimmers.

By the time this article is printed, the Malaysia Autoshow 2018 would be opening its doors – this time, banging the first drumbeat of this blue ocean strategy dive.

The opening ceremony today will be integrated with a showcase on connected mobility, providing Malaysians a vision of the automotive industry’s future, which will evolve into the mobility industry.

This showcase will signify Malaysia’s journey into the world of connected mobility, with the aspiration to be a pioneer in this new cyber-physical transformation.

The showcase will be also the first narrative that guides Malaysia’s industry plans and roadmaps, charting out subsequent plans to ensure we are aligned with this vision.

If you aspire to see our nation becoming a global industry leader, we hope this showcase will be your first source of inspiration.

The reason is straightforward. The National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2018, expected to be announced later this year, will make this vision of connected mobility a key feature.

Numerous articles in this column have pointed out our achievemnets since NAP2014 was announced more than four year ago. Rest assured, this milestones will serve as the foundation for the next phase.

As the NAP 2018 is expected to be derived from the core principles af NAp 2014, it will expand the government’s policy from energy efficiency to connected mobility – an industry that brings new technology and products such as connected cars, smart cities, intelligent shared transportation, smart manufacturing, telematics and artificial intelligence.

The policy needs to cover all government functions, industry and business sectors, and remodel human capital needs to meet the aspirations of malaysians and enable connected mobility requires policy framework, industry decisions and scientific endeavours to be based on data-driven economy.

Data will be at the core of our decision-making process, as itis powered by relevant and accurate information collected from vast reliable source. The framework ofthis data-driven industry will be revealed at the showcase.

This weekend, the nation will witness and experience the aspiration above. The Malaysia Autoshow 2018, while allowing visitor to experience current levels of technology, safety and performance to learn, understand, discuss and imagine the future.

Moving into the fourth edition of the Malaysia Autoshow, one thing we have learned is that in order for any future to be built, the entire nation must be allowed to experience and glimpse into this future, first-hand.

The Malaysia Autoshow 2018, the showcase on connected mobility and subsequent autoshows will always have this principle and will continue to evolve to enable more participation in the years to come.

If you are reading this before 9.30am today, check out MAI’s Facebook page to watch this new future “live”. If not, watch the recording as this will be the beginning of the re-imagination of Malaysia’s technological future.

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